Whether You Are A Telecom Agent, MSP or VAR Today You Have A Once In A Generation Opportunity To Capitalize On The $6 Trillion Digital Business Transformation Market Delivering Cloud And Services To Your Clients

As Covid-19 im­pacts every as­pect of our work and life, we’ve seen two years’ worth of digi­tal
trans­for­ma­tion in two months,” – Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella April 30, 2020

We created CRPworld because of what we are calling the COVID-16 effect. COVID-19 is the light switch that is forcing every company in the world to become digital. It is also creating the largest ever MRR opportunity for channel partners of all flavors. With CRPworld we wanted to create a simple, cost-effective, self-serve platform for Telcom Agents, MSPs, VARs etc to build their cloud business alongside their peers – learn from each other, share ideas and utilize each others’ strengths to partner on Digital Business Transformation projects. We also wanted to utilize our proven CRPexperience methodology – expertise, training, modeling tools, content and Hubspot Digital Marketing to help you become a profitable, high-value Cloud Revenue Producer.


  • Virtual Peer Group – have your own presence and profile and showcase your business and expertise
  • Forum – where all members interact and learn from each other including from industry experts in all aspects of building a cloud business
  • Training Tools and Content – educational videos, tools and content to create and grow your profitable high value cloud business



  • Digital Marketing Campaigns-in-a-Box – MRR cloud business building modeling tools, content and how-to videos required to execute on your Cloud Revenue Producer business plan
  • Digital Marketing-as-a-Service – content, best-practices, how-to videos required to execute on digital marketing campaigns


Some Of Your Peers

Unexpectedly, it happened. Someone moved MY cheese! After 15 years of owning a successful telecom agency, the writing was on the wall: Bandwidth was on a fast race to the bottom, and making easy recurring revenue was nearing its end. The customer, through personalized apps on their smartphone, morphed into a savvy IT user, driving the IT industry as a whole. How could I best embrace this paradigm shift to better serve their needs? Luckily, the great team at AppSmart introduced me to Todd Hussey at CloudRevenuePartners. Todd is an absolute expert in helping telecom agents transition their traditional business to capture the massive cloud opportunity and become a Cloud Revenue Producer. Working with Todd has been enlightening for and my business – the future has never looked brighter– Amy Cline President and co-Founder Sagewood Group
For almost two decades, as a Technology Solutions Provider, MPDTek has experienced and been able to thrive in all the evolutions of the technology world. But now with subscription-based cloud technologies, along with the changing buyer persona, their needs for business solutions, and their methods of buying technology, it’s a new world. AppSmart and CloudRevenuePartners are providing MPDTek with smart cloud technologies and the required business-building expertise to capitalize on the massive cloud opportunity.” – Matt DeGenarro, CEO of MPDTek
From our first conversation, I could tell that working with He forced us to rethink what we needed to change and improve in order to be not only relevant but impactful with our clients Todd and Cloud Revenue Partners was going to be great for our business.  Todd clearly understands the technology marketplace and what our customers and agents are looking for from us. He knew that we wanted to be digital transformation experts and with that end in mind, he showed us where to start and how to get there.  He guided us through the process for my team as we identified the messaging that we wanted for our value proposition and target audience.” – Donn Cary EVP PSI-Net

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